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Security features

Security features

The Rolland advantage.

Each Rolland fine paper is customized with whatever it needs to deliver its proper security level.

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  • Watermarks

    Used for hundreds of years to protect and enhance important documents, watermark today remains one of the most potent security devices. remain one of the most potent security devices.

    Rolland offers only genuine watermarks, which means it is embedded in the paper fibers and shows up as a “phantom” image — either raised, shadowed or multi-tone — when the sheet is held to the light. These effects cannot be duplicated through printing. Nor can watermarks be faked by photocopiers or scanners. This is why Interpol recommends multi-tone watermarks as the best deterrent against forgery.

    Our master papermakers create watermarks using high-precision dandy rolls, which they craft to customer specifications. The watermark can be based on your logo, coat of arms, crest, or other image. The resulting dandy roll remains the customer's exclusive property, kept under lock between uses.

  • Security fibers

    Security fibers are embedded in the paper during manufacture and are non-reproductible. Rolland security fibers are available in a range of colors and shapes.

    We recommend combining more than one:

    Invisible fluorescent fibers
    Become visible under ultraviolet light (3 mm, 5 mm or 6 mm in length).

    Invisible fluorescent microfibers
    Become visible under ultraviolet light (0.375 mm in length).

    Visible fluorescent fibers
    Change color under ultraviolet light and can be used in combination with non-fluorescent fibers (3 mm or 5 mm in length).

    Visible fluorescent microfibers
    Change color under ultraviolet light and can be used in combination with non-fluorescent fibers (0.750 mm in length).

    Security fibers
  • Planchettes

    Embedded during papermaking, security planchettes are tiny dots
    only 0.158 cm in diameter. Planchettes are non-reproductible
    because they are embedded randomly in the paper.

    This feature gives instant validation by removing them from the paper.

    They protect your documents when used alone or in combination:

    Fluorescent planchettes
    Change color under ultraviolet light.

    Non-fluorescent planchettes
    Can be removed from the paper surface, thereby authenticating a document.

    Chemically reactive planchettes
    Change color (from yellow to red) upon contact with an alkaline solution.

    Thermochromic planchettes
    Are authenticated through contact with heat, which causes them to change color. It’s therefore possible to verify a document without the aid of special lamps or tools.

    Bi-thermochromic planchettes
    Are authenticated through contact with heat, which causes them to change to two different colors. It’s therefore possible to verify a document without the aid of special lamps or tools.

  • Chemical reactors

    Chemically reactive security papers protect documents against forgery and tampering.

    The paper is treated with agents that cause spots to appear the instant anyone attempts to chemically alter the document.
    Chemical reactors can be used in combination or alone. Our security papers can be made with:

    Reactive to oxidants (standard and permanent)
    Chlorine bleach – hydrogen peroxide

    Reactive to polar solvents
    Acetone – pyridine – aniline – methanol – ethanol

    Reactive to inorganic acids
    Hydrochloric – sulfuric – nitric – acetic (vinegar) – phosphoric

    Reactive to non polar solvents
    Diethyl ether – chloroform – toluene – gasoline – heptane

    Reactive to bases (alkalines)
    Ammonium hydroxide – potassium hydroxide – sodium hyroxyde (caustic)

    Reactive to reducers
    Ink eradicator – sodium metabisulfite – sodium sulfite – sodium hydrosulfite

    Chemical reactors
  • SecurLaser

    SecurLaser is a surface treatment applied during manufacture to both sides of the sheet to maximize toner adhesion.

    The heat applied during laser printing triggers a special chemical reaction that actually fuses the toner to the paper. SecurLaser protects laser printed documents against physical fraud by foiling attempts to remove, scrape or modify the printed area.

    Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)
    All our security check papers meet accounting standards for high-speed machines that read and sort checks according to characters printed with the MICR font and magnetic ink.

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    Offered with and without recycled fiber content, Rolland security check papers are fully compatible with high-speed optical readers, and characters printed with OCR fonts are easily readable.

  • Ghost reactor

    Ghost Reactor is your clandestine response to eliminate duplication of your security documents.

    Think of Ghost Reactor as your invincible, invisible taggant that, once implanted, renders your paper unique and impervious to duplication.

    Criminals employ the latest copying and scanning technologies to easily counterfeit documents. Ghost Reactor fights back, providing the security solution to businesses and government agencies in the growing document-counterfeiting problem.

    Ghost Reactor instantly validates a genuine document from a fraud. Easy to use, it offers unmatched protection against sophisticated forms of duplication. Once again, Rolland leads the way with products, expertise and resources to protect your valuable documents from criminal attack.

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    Ghost reactor
  • Paper shade

    Fully tinted paper protects against color-copying, since a printed sheet will have a white composition.

    Paper shade
  • Frangibility

    Paper designed to break into pieces following attempts to remove or mechanically attack the paper surface.