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Security challenges

Security challenges

Concerns are at unprecedented levels.

Security is now a top priority for many organizations. When identification documents, certificates, banknotes and checks are susceptible to forgery and manipulation, the integrity of institutions—even public safety and civil government—hangs in the balance.

The Rolland solution starts with manufacturing

Document security must begin at the manufacturing stage. This is why all our security papers employ devices embedded in the paper, foiling even the most advanced scanners and printers. It is virtually impossible to copy a true watermark, planchette or invisible fiber. In combination, these devices present an almost unscalable security barrier, protecting your organization's integrity.

Security shields

  • 1. At the mill

    All paper stock, dandy rolls and other supplies are under strict supervision at all times. Security systems include magnetic access cards, guards, video monitoring and other systems that safeguard our facilities, our personnel and our integrity.

  • 2. Limited distribution

    Rolland only ships its security paper products to qualified security and specialized form printers. By limiting distribution, we ensure the integrity of your documents.

  • 3. Customer audits

    Each new customer undergoes a security audit. We investigate access control, inventory control and government accreditation. We also investigate the paper’s use, to ensure legitimacy.

  • 4. Protected "recipes"

    Each paper is custom made and employs a special combination of security devices. That combination is a closely guarded secret.

  • 5. Limited production

    Since every recipe is unique, we make just enough paper to meet the needs. There is no overstock that can fall into unauthorized hands. Scraps and cuttings are immediately shredded and pulped.