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CheckSecur MOCR Plus

CheckSecur MOCR Plus

Our CheckSecur MOCR Plus is dedicated to protecting your checks and low-risk documents against today’s most common fraud techniques. Basic covert security inclusions are built into a UV Dull /MOCR sheet providing a cost-effective solution to your fundamental security needs. It’s the paper that’s always on guard for you!


  • Excellent offset print results
  • Superior product performance during conversion and all subsequent processes
  • MICR - OCR compatible: Meets banking standards for high-speed optical readers and magnetic ink recognition

Product applications

  • Checks
  • Academic transcripts

Product specifications

  • Basis weight 17x22 (500) - 24 lb
  • Caliper mils - 4.5
  • Smoothness (Sheffield) - 160
  • Opacity 90%
  • Brightness D65 - 83%

Attributes and certifications

  • Forest Stewardship Council
  • Manufactured with biogas

1st step security

Security features

  • Optically dull
  • MICR - OCR
  • Invisible fibers
  • Chemical reactors

Security inclusions

  • Security fibers
  • Chemical reactors