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Can I apply a water-based lacquer or varnish to Rolland’s fine papers?

Yes, this type of varnish can be used on all base weights of 70 lb text or more.

Can I first print on an offset press, then print with a laser printer?

As some restrictions may apply depending on the paper used, please contact your Rolland technical service representative for more information.

Can I print with UV ink on Rolland’s fine papers?


Can I use stochastic screening on Rolland’s fine papers?


Can I use Rolland’s fine papers on a coldset web press?

No, the paper will not absorb the ink and will leave spots. The Rolland Opaque vellum finish might be an exception, depending on the ink coverage.

Is Rolland Enviro Satin a coated or uncoated paper?

Rolland Enviro Satin is an uncoated paper with a treated surface. Most ink will remain on the sheet’s surface resulting in vibrant colors. The following density values shouldn’t be exceeded: K140, C120, M130, Y100.

Do printing techniques and drying times differ for Rolland Enviro Satin compared to other uncoated papers?

The printing techniques are the same, while drying time may be slightly longer. Please consult our printing tips section for more information.