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Sustainable Paper’s Best Kept Secret: Biogas

Sometimes following your instinct can lead one down the path of progress.

That’s how Rolland stumbled upon the secret weapon that helped them, in part, achieve their sustainability targets.

Transparency clearly benefits everyone

Too much information? It depends on the circumstances… No doubt, listening to the deeply intimate confessions of a stranger can make people uncomfortable. But when it comes to corporations, getting all the facts and details is never too much – it’s called transparency.

LCA for paper, relevant as ever

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is the most commonly used methodology in the world to evaluate the environmental performance of products and services. This methodology is governed by international standards and is recognized as a rigorously scientific approach.

Rolland assesses the benefits with science

More than twelve years ago, paper industry professionals said that Rolland had lost its mind. In 2004, we launched a recycled copy paper that many claimed customers would not buy. Today, that paper – Rolland Enviro – represents more than half of our production.

Let's clear the air... about water

If you recall your high school science, you’ll remember that ALL the water on Earth has been recycled – through evaporation and precipitation – billions of times.

In this digital age, the majority value paper as a premium product
In this digital age, the majority value paper as a premium product

It’s not hard to understand why paper use has been decreasing year over year as a result of digitization. You would think people don’t care about paper anymore, but that’s not true.

Carbon emissions
We don't pretend to be carbon neutral. Here's why.

Many companies claim to be carbon neutral. To most people, this sounds like the company leaves no carbon footprint.

How small office can save 22 trees
How small office can save 22 trees, one car's annual emissions and more

If your company wants to make a difference environmentally, one place to start is with your choice of office paper. We’ve designed our Eco-Calculator to measure the impact of your paper purchases on the environment.

Recipe for a sustainable sourcing policy with sauce
Recipe for a sustainable sourcing policy with sauce

Over the 15 years Canopy has been working with publishers, printers, large corporate paper buyers, and pulp and paper mills (including Rolland) to develop and implement sustainable paper procurement policies, we have seen tremendous shifts in where the “leadership bar” is set.

A new international trend
A new international trend

Coloring books for adults are now as popular a hobby as reading, crossword puzzles and sudoku! This new global trend has been growing for the last four years.