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Green champions – Patagonia still doesn’t want you to buy that jacket, but will sell you a used one

In the second part of a two-part interview, Paul Hendricks, Environmental Responsibility Manager for Patagonia, talks about Worn Wear, consumerism and a memorable ad, and loyal customers who read every word of Patagonia catalogs.

Green champions – Patagonia is a mission-driven activist company

In the first part of a two-part interview, Paul Hendricks, Environmental Responsibility Manager for Patagonia, talks about having a chief executive activist who is also CEO,environmentalism in business, and how to stay true to your mission.

San Francisco
Sustainably inspirational cities

With more than 80 per cent of North Americans now living in urban areas, the actions of city governments, residents and businesses are critical to making inroads in sustainability. We’ve found four examples of inspirational initiatives which are changing cities for the better that mirror the values that drive our sustainable manufacturing practices.

Green Champions – Canopy sees environmental leadership shifting to companies

Nicole Rycroft, Founder and Executive Director of Canopy, a Vancouver-based non-profit that harnesses the power of the marketplace to help protect the world’s endangered forests, speaks about the environmental role of businesses, creative solutions, and the rare spirit bear.

Sustainable Brands 2017 Detroit
Sustainable Brands 2017

The three-day conference in late May provided exposure to eye-opening research, useful tools, and great presentations – all centered on sustainability. Here are five takeaways among many, all with links to follow-up information or tools.  

LUSH believes in protecting people, animals and the planet

LUSH North America’s Katrina Shum, Sustainability Officer, and Karen Moll, Ethical Buyer, speak on subjects ranging from developing strategy to developing products, and from ethical campaigning to ethical buying. 

5 takeaways from sustainability leaders
5 takeaways from sustainability leaders in Rolland’s business ecosystem

The thoughtful comments and practical actions of the many sustainability-minded partners, customers and suppliers in our business ecosystem often prove inspiring.

Colorado State University
Green Champions – Sustainability is foundational to Colorado State University

Bonnie Palmatory, Graphic Designer and Assistant Director of Creative Communications in the Department of Housing and Dining at Colorado State University, talks about encouraging sustainable behaviour without lecturing, the importance of aiming high, and fighting the good fight.

Green Champions – Cirque du Soleil’s commitment to sustainability is no laughing matter

In our “Conversations with Green Champions,” Rolland President Philip Rundle asks sustainability-minded companies about their approach to environmental responsibility

Sustainable Paper’s Best Kept Secret: Biogas

Sometimes following your instinct can lead one down the path of progress.

That’s how Rolland stumbled upon the secret weapon that helped them, in part, achieve their sustainability targets.