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Sinai Health System is reducing environmental impact while improving patient care

Tracey Clatworthy and Mark Reynolds, from Toronto’s Sinai Health System, talk about diverting unneeded hospital supplies overseas, halving water consumption, and creating a garden for patients, the birds and the bees. 

Mountain Rose Herbs believes in people, plants and the planet over profit

Alyssa Bascue talks about environmental responsibility, carbon-neutrality, and the enduring role of catalogs printed on our 100% post-consumer paper.

Two types of recycled fiber, and two approaches to making recycled paper

Two types of recycled fiber – composed of either post-consumer reclaimed material or pre-consumer reclaimed material – can be used to make recycled paper. The two are fundamentally different, as specified in these definitions from the FSC®

Ford is investing billions in sustainability for the long term

John Cangany and Nicole DesNoyer talk about a zero-waste tradition dating back to founder Henry Ford, electric vehicles, and cover sustainable printing for Ford’s annual financial report.

Rolland Recycled Paper Manufacturing Process
What Happens to Paper When it is Recycled?

Most consumers are unaware of the steps and parties involved in the process of transforming paper recovered from recycling bins into final products.

Redesigning Good Business in a Shifting Landscape

Sustainable Brands brings together the world’s leading sustainability experts, and there’s no shortage of thought-provoking conversations, compelling breakout sessions, new ideas and inspiration. 

Businesses taking the lead on sustainability

Now more than ever, the general and informed public of this world are looking to CEOs and business leaders to take the lead on important issues over governments.

Print is great and recycled paper makes it even better

Among marketing and communications professionals, the longstanding consensus is that paper and digital communications are complementary, with distinct strengths. And the strong point of sustainably-manufactured paper is its low environmental impact, which may be a surprise to some in this digital era.

Burton Snowboards’ tradition of innovation and disruption extends to activism

In the second part of a two-part interview, Jenn Swain, Sustainable Innovation Project Manager at Burton Snowboards, talks about addressing climate change and other environmental priorities through innovation, activism, and collaboration, while Stephanie Kohn, Director of Brand Management, talks about projecting the Burton brand.

Sustainability Lexicon: Top Terms to Know for International Day of Forests

One-third of the Earth’s land mass is covered by forests – beautiful, useful, and the essence of sustainability.