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Attributes and certifications

Attributes and certifications

Our commitment to transparency

Everyone appreciates the value of good environmental practices. Companies who are seriously committed to offering an environment-friendly product must fulfill rigorous criteria that are regularly verified by certification bodies. Paper certifications aim at protecting the environment, promoting sustainable practices and informing consumers about the best ecological choices available.

Rolland has numerous attributes and certifications, making us one of the most environment-friendly paper manufacturers in North America.

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Forest Stewardship Council Certification supports responsible use of forest resources.

FSC Recycled
Certifies the 100% post-consumer content of a product.

FSC Mixed sources
Identify the products which are made with a combination of FSC virgin fibre, and/or recycled materials with Controlled virgin fibre.

The Ancient Forest Friendly™

The Ancient Forest Friendly™ designation is one of the most rigorous paper labels available. Ancient Forest Friendly paper is free of ancient or endangered forest fiber, made with more than 50% recycled fiber, and whitened without chlorine.


Rainforest AllianceTM

The Rainforest Alliance Certified (RAC) seal is a symbol that indicates quality and commitment to effective conservation and sustainability practices.





Post-consumer fiber
Fiber recovered entirely from paper used by consumers through recycling programs.

Post-industrial fiber
Fiber recovered from paper used in industrial applications. Post-industrial corresponds to the FSC pre-consumer definition and does not include mill broke.

Biogas energy

Paper manufactured using a gas produced from decomposing landfill waste. Biogas, a sustainable and local energy, is transported to the mill by pipeline to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Permanent paper

Alkaline or neutral paper that resists aging for more than 100 years under normal warehousing conditions (criteria and certifications established by the American National Standards Institute—ANSI).

Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)

The paper's virgin fiber has been bleached without chlorine, but with a chlorine derivative.


Process chlorine free

This refers to paper that has been manufactured and processed chlorine-free. It only applies to recycled fiber.