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Technical tips

Technical tips

Maximize your Rolland paper usage

Please note this section is intended for paper suppliers and printers that use Rolland’s environmentally friendly fine papers for commercial use.

Download our printing tips

Paper is an important element in printing high quality documents. Simple and effective tools are available to ensure superior print results.

Rolland Environmental Printing Papers Guide
Rolland Enviro Print
Rolland Enviro Satin

Download our printing charts

Digital, reprographic and commercial tests are conducted on all of our commercial papers. Consult our printing charts to see if your paper is recommended for use on your press technology.

Commercial Printing Chart
Digital and Reprographic Printing Chart
Digital Compatibility Chart

How to read and correctly interpret our labels

Need help interpreting our product labels? 

Download the complete document

For more information, contact us

Fadi Nohra, Technical Representative
Cell phone: 450 275-4964

John Fluke, Technical Representative
Cell phone: 608 770-6607

Need help?

1. See our Customer Manual
Refer to our Customer Manual for paper claims procedures. If you do not have a copy, contact Rolland Technical Service.

2. Form Completion
After consulting our Customer Manual, download the required form here. Make sure all information indicated in red is completed so we can process your request quickly. Use the corresponding website sections to find your required information.

3. Info Accuracy
To expedite the process, please complete all documents as accurately and completely as possible.

4. Prepare Printed and Unprinted Samples
Samples demonstrating the issue with the product identification number(s) must accompany your claim. Refer to Chapter 4 of the Manual for sample preparation information.

5. Application Submission
Please send your printed form with the prepared samples to your paper vendor. Send all security paper samples to Rolland Technical Service.