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About us

About us

Passion behind the paper

A legacy of leadership

Welcome to a place where performance, innovation
and nature converge.

What began as a small mill with a few workers in 1882 has blossomed into a fine paper provider that paves the way in product quality and environmental responsibility.

Fine papers. Fine people.

Our employees are our most important resource.
Each Rolland employee combines the creativity and technique of an artisan with the knowledge of an expert. Thanks to our employees’ commitment, Rolland is the leading provider of recycled uncoated fine papers.

Our Customer merit the best

Meet the Smallest Footprint in the paper industry
Rolland is a leading North American fine paper manufacturer focused on quality, performance and innovation. Our customers choose our products because of our proven track record as an environmental leader in the pulp and paper industry.

All Rolland’s production is manufactured to the highest environmental standards and has the smallest environmental footprint in North America. Our products are made using renewable energy, primarily biogas, and our recycled fiber are deinked without chlorine.

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Rolland is the leading producer of specialty uncoated fine papers, with an undisputed reputation for environmental stewardship. In fact, Rolland is the only North American fine paper manufacturer using biogas energy and up to 100% recycled content to serve businesses, governments and distributors.

The Rolland Paper Company Ltd. is created.

The company becomes public as the new Rolland Paper Company Ltd.

A vast modernization and expansion program is completed.

Rolland starts manufacturing recycled paper.

The company is the first North American manufacturer to use local and renewable biogas energy for most of its thermal needs.

The Rolland Enviro line of 100% recycled paper is launched.

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