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Les Entreprises Rolland inc.

Headquartered in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, Rolland is the market leader in the production of specialty uncoated fine papers with the undisputed highest standards for environmental sustainability. The Company produces fine papers with biogas energy and up to 100% recycled content for many sectors including the commercial, office, government and education markets.

Rolland's facilities include the Rolland Mill and the Converting Center in Saint-Jérôme, as well as the deinking facility in Breakeyville, Quebec.

To understand why Rolland's papers have the smallest environmental footprint,
visit our environment section.

A bit of history about Rolland mill

In 1882, a small fine paper mill called The Rolland Paper Company was employing a few workers. Over the years,
this company grews considerably and the quality of their products and employees became rapidly their trademark.